Circle of Madness (Surrounding Me)

  • Release date: March 1, 2010
  • Label: ThickerThanWater Productions
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    Circle of Madness(Surrounding Me)

Track Description

SuzyOnCue ® combines the lyrical guts of Lady Gaga and the melodic vocal artistry of Enigma with Circle of Madness (Surrounding Me). ThickerThanWater’s Guitarist / Keyboardist RT has written the unforgettable, trance-like music for this trendy, techno Pop song of the Millennium that appeals to teen-adult markets.

Lyrics & Vocals: SuzyOnCue ®      Music: Reagan-Tyler (Guitarist / Keyboard / Music Composition)

Recorded at Carmel Music Studio | Studio Engineering / Mixing by: Stu Heydon & Carlos Martin